Heritage Oak Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Heritage Oak Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

I have a trim shape that I would like made for my project. Can Heritage Oak make it?

We most likely already produce the shape you need. Visit our moulding page for more information here. You can also contact us for more specific information.

What types of wood does Heritage Oak make its products out of?

At Heritage Oak, we make all of our products out of hardwoods from the Ozarks, specializing in Red Oak moulding, with additional species upon request.

What kind of hardwood flooring does Heritage Oak make?

Heritage Oak makes tongue and groove hardwood flooring in various types, including white oak, red oak, hickory, walnut, poplar, and seasonal varieties. Our line will soon include finger joined, easy lay hardwood flooring.

Does Heritage Oak accept new distributors?

Heritage Oak wants to partner with industry-leading distributors to bring our products to new markets.

Is Heritage Oak hiring?

Yes, as Heritage Oak grows we are always looking for dedicated people to join our team.

What sustainability practices does Heritage Oak have?

Heritage Oak uses every bit of the wood we take into our facility. Even our sawdust is sold to composite board manufacturers