Heritage Oak Company

Heritage Oak Company

Heritage Oak Legacy

Heritage Oak is a family company with roots stretching back generations, much like the trees providing our fine Ozark hardwoods.

Heritage Oak Partners

As our company has grown, we've built relationships with partners all over the country who distribute our fine hardwood products.

Heritage Oak Values

We are dedicated to each other and our craft. We value hard work and commitment. We protect the legacy that built Heritage Oak and the landscape that allows us to flourish.


Fine Ozark Hardwoods

The Missouri Ozarks grow some of the finest hardwoods found anywhere in the world. This allows Heritage Oak the privilege of working with an extraordinary mix of hardwood species. From the world-famous Missouri black walnut tree to the dense hickory and the many oaks that cover these hills, Heritage Oak works with the finest hardwoods around.

Sustainable Business Practice

At Heritage Oak, we believe in conserving the precious natural resources God has blessed us with. The abundant hardwood tree species of the Ozarks provide us with a beautiful and renewable material for many interior design and construction products. In turn, we ensure that every last scrap of wood is used. Even our sawdust is sold to other industries for reuse.